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See my series of posts exploring Project Euler & HackerRank problems in-depth.

Open-Source Software

While most of my work is closed-source, a few small utilities and scripts are available:

Professional Experience

I was a software engineer at Cerner from 2010-2019 (final title: Associate Lead Software Engineer). My contributions included:

  • Substantial design and implementation work on a cloud search platform called Brahe, implemented as a Solr plugin that pulls data from HBase, along with a set of Java-based libraries and services, a Rails-based management app, and (later) a Mesos framework. Some information about the platform was publicized at Lucene Solr Revolution 2013
  • Identifying neglected opportunities to improve developer productivity for many teams, and implementing solutions I designed, such as a CLI to automate a time-consuming manual process and web apps to make accessing services and data for troubleshooting purposes easier
  • Web app development using Ruby, Rails, Javascript, jQuery, React
  • Service development using Java, Scala, JAX-RS
  • Processing pipeline development using Hadoop, Crunch, Storm
  • Working with MySQL, HBase, and HDFS for data storage