I’m trying to be a vegetarian, because it seems like our agricultural industry is essentially engaging in widespread torture of animals. As a very picky eater whose diet contained very few vegetables until recently, this is difficult for me, and I’ve made some compromises to help myself cope with it. My goal isn’t personal purity; I think reducing my consumption of animal products—and thus reducing my financial contribution to the mistreatment of animals—is worthwhile even if I don’t eliminate it entirely, and even if the lines I draw are somewhat arbitrary. But I do think it’s helpful to articulate those lines explicitly, so that I’m not tempted to quietly backslide. To that end, this page specifies the diet I’m currently adhering to.

Rules I follow strictly:

Policies I normally follow, but will break to avoid awkwardness or when I don’t feel like my alternatives are adequate:

Explicit compromises I’m making for now: