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Recommended Reading

Below is a selection of books I’ve found instructive or entertaining.

Unconventional advice:

On ethics/morality:

Some favorite philosophy books:

  • Reasons and Persons - Derek Parfit (uncertainty about the nature of personal identity is, perhaps, an important part of a healthy worldview)
  • The Existence of God - Richard Swinburne (an unusually strong defense of theism, though I remain unconvinced)

Required reading for white Americans:

Compelling condemnations of our treatment of animals:

Brutally honest memoirs:

Guidance for the clueless investor:

A call to join the moral crusade against advertising:

Particularly thoughtful fiction:

Sci-fi/fantasy that influenced my taste:

Cool comics beyond the canon:

For escaping creationism and reflecting on it:

Odes to the magic of computer programming: