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Strange Loop 2017

This was my fifth (or maybe sixth?) year attending Strange Loop. It’s gotten bigger than ever: the conference used two venues at once this year, and a couple talks I went to had people standing all along the walls after the seats were filled. I found it invigorating as always - here are a few of my highlights:

  • Zenna Tavares talked about his work on finding 3D models corresponding to given 2D images by running a rendering function in reverse.
  • Jacob Bass gave a tantalizing introduction to ReasonML, a Facebook project that provides an alternate syntax & javascript compiler for OCaml. Also, “tests tell you what you remembered, types tell you what you forgot” is a pretty catchy line.
  • Heather Miller provided a tour of distributed programming languages / libraries from the past 35 years, from Argus to Lasp.
  • Tara Vancil demoed her peer-to-peer browser Beaker, built on Dat. I’d love to see something like this make its way into mainstream browsers.
  • Matt Mitchell gave a keynote I regret missing - his slide deck contains a neat collection of funding sources and community resources for doing public interest tech work.
  • My awesome coworker Kevin Shekleton gave a very entertaining history of game console security.

Food recommendations: Sugarfire has pretty good barbecue, with excellent mac & cheese; the carnitas breakfast taco at Egg is delicious; the Fountain’s ice cream martinis are wonderful.

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