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Free Will
Knowledge & Belief


While organizing the Kansas City Philosophy Club, I wrote handouts to help explain some of the papers we discussed:


  • Dualism and Human Duplication, 2009. Not my best work. Apparently I was either unaware of or unimpressed by property dualism, as the paper only discusses substance dualism. Today the former seems by far more plausible to me than the latter.
  • Response to an Argument for Utilitarianism, 2009. My favorite of my undergrad papers.
  • Theism Without Objective Ethics, 2009. I’m not sure if I just wanted to argue for something weird, or if I was struggling with an impulse to be reductionist.
  • Hick’s Soul-Making Theodicy, 2008. Content warning: discussion of child abuse. This paper makes me cringe because it insensitively entertains the offensive (but common within certain strands of Christianity, whether explicitly or in vague form) idea that a God might allow victims to suffer for the sake of the moral freedom of the perpetrators or bystanders. Even at the time, I think my true opinion was that moral freedom was unlikely to be anywhere near valuable enough to justify the horrors that occur in the world; but that opinion is not evident in this paper since, as briefly mentioned in the final paragraph, I decided that questioning the value of moral freedom was outside the scope of the paper.